How to Put Together a Nice Candle Gift Set

Posted by Dawn on 7/1/2014
Candles make lovely gifts, no matter the occasion. They are versatile, and they appeal to a wide audience.

Candles are Great Gifts to Give

Posted by Dawn on 6/25/2014 to Paraffin-Free
Gift giving is made easy with candles. They can be great as individual gifts, grouped to form larger gifts, or included as part of a thoughtful gift basket. Candles can aid with aromatherapy, meditation, and overall home relaxation.

The Best Party Favors

Posted by Dawn on 6/4/2014
It can be tempting to buy cheaply-made party favors in bulk at a low price; however, your guests will appreciate quality, unique favors.

Indoor Air Pollution, You, Your Family, Your Health

Posted by Dawn on 5/24/2014 to Paraffin-Free
Indoor air pollution kills. It is such a threat that the Environmental Protection Agency lists it as one of the top five environmental dangers to public health. Moreover, making the threat posed by indoor air pollution even more dangerous (and interesting) is the fact that close to nine out of 10 homeowners in the US do not even know that the air within their homes may be worse than that which is outside.

Common Skin Myths

Posted by Dawn on 5/12/2014
Our skin is so important because it is the part of the body that is most exposed and most visible to everyone, especially on our face. And because of that desire to have our face look our best every day, we are all inundated with ads touting the latest skin care treatments and we're told about the latest study that says eating this, drinking that or doing this will make us break out in hives, blemish our skin forever or give us cancer.

When Your Senses Need a Vacation

Posted by Dawn on 4/26/2014
Smells and light heavily effect our daily lives. The right light coupled with the appropriate scent can take a day that started off on a bad note and give it a new sense of hope. Aromatherapy is part of this transformation process and making sure you are using candles that provide you a positive experience. If you are to embark on this journey for the senses, then we recommend that you check out the selections and styles of candles below, as the right candle is needed for this work in your life.

4 Shopping Tips to Consider When Buying Massage Candles

Posted by Dawn on 4/20/2014
Massage candles provide the ideal balance of ambiance and relaxation. Although they may look like traditional candles, massage candles are made with cosmetic ingredients rather than candle wax. 

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Shea Butter

Posted by Dawn on 4/15/2014
Shea butter is a natural ingredient that hydrates the skin and is rich in fatty acids. Found in body butters, moisturizers and soaps, shea butter contains fatty acids, vitamins E, D, F and A. It soothes skin, prevents the formation of premature facial lines, loose skin and wrinkles, promotes the growth of skin cells and soothes dry, rough skin.

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